Ecologigal zones

The cave has been divided into three ecological zones with criteria the light, the temperature and humidity. These zones are:

Entrance zone. This zone includes the distance between the natural entrance and 40 meters further in, that is to say as far as light can get.

Here there is light at day time, while humidity and temperature change all day-night long and all year long

In this zone there are vegetable organisms which follow a grading of the form from the exterior environment towards the cave.

The animal activity is intense, since this is the place where cave’s organisms interact with those which live outside the cave entrance.

This is why this zone is particularly significant.

Variable temperature and humidity zone. This zone covers the part between the zone of entrance and artificial entrance due to currents of air

The fluctuations of temperature and humidity are practically stable 9-17oC and 65-95% respectively.

Stable temperature and humidity zone. It includes the rest of the cave. Temperature and humidity are practically stable 17oC and 95% respectively. This zone has immeasurable biological value since it was the natural habitat (before the closing of the natural entrance) apart from others, at least 7 kinds of bats and it is the place where 4 troglovia endemic species live.