Aggitis Ravine

The visitor in Alistrati apart from the cave can enjoy the river Aggitis which flows through the villages of N.Petra and Draviskos forming idylic river by zones with rich plantation .Many connoisseur fishermen combine their hobbies with walks and pic-nic in the countryside.

The area is suitable for rafting and Kay

It is a few meters further down the railways which pass beside the cave. The locals call it “Vraous”.

A violent geological realignment possibly split the Earth in two and left the water from lake “Prassiada” which as the historians say covered the fertile plain of Drama forming the Aggitis Ravine one of the most thrilling spots of the area.
Gigantic concrete stone walls rise from both banks of the river to define its rout at the bed of the river; creating a splendid view which unfolds in front of you and makes you admire the grandeur of nature.
There are more mild places where the visitor can get through a narrow path with the help of a guide to the bed of the river. There, someone can find quiet sand and under shady trees, enjoy the calm flow of water at a completely quiet atmosphere which is interrupted only by the flying of birds.