The area of Alistrati belongs γεωτεκνικος to the metamorphosed mass of Ropode, which is considered to be an old cratonic mass with archaic chore and on it, of Paleozoic and Messosoic age, metamorphosed layers. Because of the metamorphosis and intense geological movement, stromatographic research is very difficult and doesn’t undergo detailed stromatographic description.
The total of layers of Rodope mass over 1200m thick is devided into three major layers groups

Upper gneiss group

Marble group

Lower gneiss group

Partly it is considered that Alpic foldings have powerfully affected the mass of Rodope with the contemporary granite advancing of and age

On the metamorphosed rocks of Rodope age sediments, which have been deposited in specific basins like the basin of Drama in the east and that of Serres in the west.

The underground carst of the area of Petroto Alistrati has special appearance and size.

One could assume that the whole area of Petroto has both big and small caves, which if they are studied in detail are not impossible to prove that they are connected each other